Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Enter: Enter the Avenger

Worlds Without Master, Volume 1, Issue 1 is out.

Curated by the egregious Epidiah Ravachol, this issue includes:
  • "In Ssef Seat: The Cannibal Queen", a tale of Jakko Orange, by the wonderful Vincent Baker;
  • "Strange Bireme", a tale of Manyara and Snorri, by the eponymous Epidiah Ravachol;
  • a handy collection of strange and wondrous thing, places and events, also compiled by Epidiah Ravachol;
  • "Oh, the Beating Drum", a comic by Briant Paul Johnson;
  • luscious illustrations by Storn Cook, Ed Heil and Tazio Bettin;
  • and… Enter the Avenger, a role-playing game by Rafu (yes, that's me).
If you are a member of the patron horde (i.e. subscriber), I think you've already got it. But what if you aren't? Well, you can buy Worlds Without Master, Volume 1, Issue 1 for $ 3.99 (as a .PDF file):

Full disclosure: if you buy it through the above button, I get a $ 1.00 share out of the sale.

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