Sunday, September 29, 2013

Patreon page launched

[Questo post ha anche una traduzione italiana.]

I just launched a Patreon page, as the new central point for attempting to crowd-fund my game-design efforts and turn them into a self-sustaining side-activity. Your patronage (every single dollar counts) translates to time I can spend working on such projects as:

Enter the Avenger: my uncomplicated swords-and-sorcery role-playing game of uncertainty, double-bluffs and vengeance, written for Epidiah Ravachol’s shiny new e-magazine Worlds Without Master. Status: English version 1 released in Worlds Without Master issue #1. The future will bring additional modes of distribution, supplementary materials and of course an Italian translation. Then, after receiving feedback from more players around the world, I will most likely compile a revised edition.

La casetta di marzapane (The Little Candy House): a short but intense play-on-first-read role-playing game, suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced players. In a country ruined beyond hope by the failings of its leaders, one or more children venture into the woods and there, by chance, encounter the grownup politician who broke their world. Status: preliminary Italian draft available (version 0). Based on playtest feedback, I’m currently rewriting it to perfect the form factor: this release candidate is to be playtested again and, in case of positive feedback, I will translate it to English.

The Shackled Self: a 3-players role-playing game about the ascesis of a prince-turned-hermit, treading the narrow path between the inhumane Mountain (representing the steep requirements of sainthood) and the all-too-human face of Temptation. Status: a preliminary English draft (version 0) has been available for a while, but contains obvious design faults, as correctly detected by Ron Edwards. I’ve redesigned those subsystems and I’m now beginning a first round of in-house playtesting. I expect to release the corrected English draft text within the year, to allow for external playtesting.

Lift Girl – La ragazza dell’ascensore: a slice-of-life role-playing game about the stories of perfect strangers touching, for a brief moment, in the elongated belly of our globalized consumerist society. Sometimes heart-warming, sometimes unsettling. Status: preliminary Italian draft (version 0, written for Game Chef 2013) available, but playtesting brought small changes which make it slightly outdated. A revised Italian text (version 1) is pending, followed closely by an English translation.

Passeggeri (Passengers): a stripped-down-to-the-essentials role-playing game you can play anywhere, anytime with your friends and loved ones. It’s about people going on a journey to fantastic, often metaphorical places, carried by a vehicle they cannot directly control. With each stop comes a potential adventure, but will each traveler finally find a place to settle down? Status: I only have notes for this jotted down, but I’m planning to finalize a preliminary playtest document ASAP.

I reietti di Eden (Cast Down from Eden): my urban fantasy occult-punk role-playing game of high-drama and high-action, starring fallen angels and heretic heroes in their apocalyptic struggle against the legions of heaven. Status: Italian version 0.2, though still available for download, is long outdated: after the first rounds of playtesting, I radically redesigned most of the game. The current version only exists as a bunch of hand-scribbled notes and disposable play-aids. My plan is to resume in-house playtests within the current year; if satisfied with those, I will soon after compile a new draft text for external playtesting.

If you can't or don't want to give me money, you can still give me a huge boost by telling your friends about this! Just spread this link around:

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