Monday, September 30, 2013

"New Identities" from Giovanni Micolucci/Vas Quas

My friend Giovanni Micolucci of Vas Quas Editrice released a new game. Excitingly enough, he was able to set up near-simultaneous English and Italian releases (I have not had a hand in translating the book, this time):
Both links are to pay-what-you-want offers on DriveThru RPG, and I think this is going to be a limited-time deal. Though you can download the books at no charge from those same link, by paying money for them (even as little as 1$ or 1 EUR) you're actively helping Giovanni and his crew get more games translated — both reaching out to a larger audience and (in case you can't read Italian) allowing you to someday play those games as well! Their prospective line-up includes quite the diverse mix of things, including yet undisclosed titles, as Giovanni is like an unstoppable whirlwind of ideas, constantly coming up with games.

As for New Identities, I'm actually a bit excited about it, because I witnessed the development of it very closely. Giovanni conceived of, designed, tested and revised it in a furious whirlwind-like flurry of activity, as he's wont to, and for a large part of this creative process I was hanging out with him remotely (via Internet chat), providing feedback and generally acting as a sounding box for ideas. It was both great fun and a learning experience.
That said, I haven't checked out the final version yet, and now I've grown curious…

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